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Hydrotreadmill as one of the modality for animal rehabilitation is greatly beneficial to enhance general/pre-operative fitness and post-operative recovery, and for the management of chronic conditions. It can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury with reduced weightbearing. In these cases, the appropriate use of hydrotreadmill can help with rehabilitation and increase the chance of a successful return to full fitness. As it is inherently a low-impact activity, hydrotreadmilll is also beneficial for growing puppies diagnosed with developmental conditions.


Tuxie in the underwater treadmill

Benefits of HydroTreadmill

Water has certain characteristics that are helpful for the rehabilitation of land animals, including humans! The property of water reduces the amount of weight-bearing necessary and can thus help with the rehabilitation of weak muscles and alleviate joint pain while allowing the correct use of muscles. We have found this modality to be particularly helpful for patients with hyperextension injuries or fractures or with instability weightbearing. 

The adjustable water level can provide different level of resistance that can be increased or decreased manually, allowing your dog to move with a little or more effort as they gait in the underwater treadmill. The partially supported buoyancy also takes the weight of their torso off of the elbows, hips, and ankles.

Additionally, this pressure also acts on body extremities e.g. limbs to oppose the tendency of blood and fluid to pool and stagnate in these areas, hence stimulating circulation in the patient’s body.

Overall Benefits

Most dogs across all life stages and conditions can be good candidates for hydrotreadmill due to the flexibility ability to adjust the height or water level as well as the speed of gaiting according to the animal's physical ability. It can also be used overall for improving fitness, achieve weight loss, or just to improve cardiovascular and stamina for older dogs in a much safer, controlled environment. 


Hydrotherapy has specific therapeutic effects on body tissues, including the following:

  • Promotes rangeof motion with decreased pressure on injuired joints

  • Initiates walking training in a low impact environment

  • Replicates the biomechanics of land-based movements to improve gaiting patterns

  • Improved cardiovascular stamina

  • Increased flexibility and core strength

  • Impacts muscle strengthening

  • Increased healing and strengthening of injuired tissue 

  • Reduces joint stiffness


Po resting in the underwater treadmill

The Gaia Difference

At Gaia Wholistic, the advantage of having a certified hydrotherapist in the underwater treadmill machine will further benefit and enhance the rehabilitation work program. The height of the water and the speed of the belt can be tailored to meet the needs of each animal according to their physical ability, stamina, age group, medical conditions as well as most importantly their stress level or fear of being in the water to achieve maximum benefits. Assistive devices such as life jackets will be used as support by our Rehab Assist outside of the water treadmill during the entire process of therapy. Fitness HydroTreadmill Program is also tailored to their needs for those without any exisiting physical condition.  

Ethan demonstrating fitness hydrotreadmill program

*Underwater Treadmill is only available at Bukit Timah branch


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