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Love their passion to help every animal out there! Furthermore, they are super friendly and encouraging my dog to push his limits and go further in every single session!

If you think such therapy place is for old animal, you're so wrong! Because my boy is only 1 year old and thankful for the chance that i bump onto them during a talk, they did a weight distribution test on and and we realise that my boy is overcompensating his front limps due to his past injury on his right hind leg.

I book an appointment and did a full evaluation which proceeds with 1 package. Now that my 1 package is over, we did a re-evaluation and guess what! My boy's weight distribution is now perfect and he can play for really long hours without limping anymore ✌🏻

Thankful that I found out earlier and corrected him early, otherwise, he is risk to having slip-disc on his shoulder when he gets even older due to the overcompensation!

see attached image and compare his first evaluation and now! Top line is current and bottom is before, the correct weight should be 30 on both front and 20 on both hind.

Highly recommend to everyone out there ✌🏻

Owner of Truffle the pomsky, Cheryl Lim

Truffle on TM.jpg
Yandao and lengzai.jpg

I would strongly recommend Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness for anyone out there looking for animal therapists.

From the very first evaluation session for my husky, @LengzaiTheHusky, we got to know Chris and Karen. They were both super helpful and patient even when we asked loads of questions about literally everything. My husky’s posture and fitness improved significantly after loads of guided exercise and therapy by Karen, Chris and Honey, and he really loves their activities which always helped him to correct his bad habits.

I also went with them for my other dog - @YandaoTheSpitz. They managed to get a very lazy spitz to actually become very active physically! Now, he looks forward every week to his sessions with Gaia!

Highly recommended!

Owner of Yandao and Lengzai, Vanessa Tan 

Karen and Chris are such an integral part of making sure my senior furkids are able to live their senior years in the best, pain-free manner possible. My 14 year old dog who has arthritis is able to climb the stairs and run around comfortably now and my 12 year old bunny with bad dental issues and general aches and pains for years is able to hop around and eat well after her laser treatment for her jaw.

I appreciate the fact that they are certified therapists who have also worked in vet clinics before and are hence quite knowledgeable in safely handling my furkids or advising me to seek veterinary help if necessary 😊

There’s no other place in SG I would trust with my furkids. As compared to other physio centers, they go above and beyond, treating my furkids as their own and I think that goes a long way in making sure that the little ones trust their dedication to walk together in their healing journey during their physio sessions.

Prices are also reasonable and well worth it to see them happy and healthy 💕

Owner of Tikka and Lola, Joanna Zhan 

Tikka and chris.jpg

Fluffy was almost 7 when he got injured during a boarding stay. For the first 3 to 4 months, I've been to almost all rabbit savy vet, hoping that they are able to know what exactly what exactly happened to him and provide him treatment. All told me there's nothing to do. He just laid that for entire day, lethargic unable to move around. I've tried all ways hoping to get my boy back to the hoppy self.

Massage, painful acupuncture that tore me each time he struggle. I tried to reach out to the famous physiotherapy for pets out there but they are unable to provide my boy therapy because they are not familiar with rabbit.

By chance I was introduced to Karen and Gaia, fluffy had his examination and recovery course was laid out. For the past 2 months, he has progressed so much, he's able to prop himself up, he's started to leap and his used to be unresponsive left leg start to flinch and kick. He is eating more now and will waddle to me when he hear the treats bag.

Thank you Karen and crew for helping fluffy!!!! 

Owner of Fluffy, Mia Loh

An awesome 1-stop rehab centre for animals. The most comfortable among all ! My shelties and Golden (well i hv 4 of them) have been wif both Karen and Chris for the longest time ! Reason being both certified therapists are very experienced. Both are also very dedicated and passionate in what tey are doing. Both my shelties go there for rehab sessions, Junior, my sheltie was diagnosed wif HD 2 yrs ago listens oni to Karen during therapy and exercises. And my golden, Blessing goes there for fun/ maintenance swim, he adores his therapist, Chris. 😂 Both never fail to have endless fun during the swim sessions !
Mommy and furbies ❤️ them and ❤️ tis plc to the max !
Conclusion : 5 stars 5 👍👍👍👍👍 !

Owner of Blessing, Junior, Julio & Danger, Anna Tan 

Chris and Blessing.jpg

I first met Tigger when he was a puppy in the UK , he was trained to be a police explosive detector dog. He worked hard for many years in the Police K9 Unit. When it was time for him to retire, I adopted him and took him home.

Now at 17.5 years of age, Tigger has been suffering from several health related issues. We started seeing Dr.Jean Paul Ly for his spinal problems and weak hind legs. Dr. Ly recommended hydrotherapy with Karen and it was a god-sent. He went through both hydrotherapy sessions coupled with cold laser treatments. Both Karen and Chris are fully committed and determined in rehabilitating Tigger. Their efforts paid off as he grew stronger. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with cancer, IBD and pancreatitis. He is now on amazing supplements from Pet Health Global to improve his condition and he would go to GAIA on a weekly basis.

With continuous visits to GAIA, Tigger is able to receive treatments to prevent stiffness of his joints, ensure he is relieved of any pain and lead a happy life. Most importantly, the dedication and encouragement from his therapists from GAIA saw vast improvements in his overall condition.

Recently, I had a wheelchair custom-made for him from Happy Wheels. This has given him a new lease of life as he is able to move around easily, enjoy the outdoors and not be bedridden at home.

I am really thankful for the great support given to me by the team from GAIA and Dr.Jean Paul Ly. Without them, both Tigger and myself wouldn't go this far.

Tigger has worked hard during the first half of his life, I am glad he will be able to age gracefully and lead a good quality of life. To me, Tigger is my god-sent.

Owner of Tigger, Linda Chaw


Nothing but amazing words for the dynamic duo Karen & Chris. Our dog Rave has been visiting them regularly for the past 3 years and i am definitely a firm believer of the positive benefits of physio therapy. Our dog at the age of 11 looked like he was going to give up on life. Multiple slip disc, hip displacement and arthritic knees. Could not walk without wincing, or crying out in pain. Spent most of his days curled up in a corner till we met Karen and Chris. With much patience and dedication from them, Rave started to heal and walked normally once again. Every session is customized in terms of intensity, dog's activity during the week and progression of the healing process. If you are looking for a miracle cure, one that recovers your dog immediately. Please look somewhere else. But if you are looking for dedication, guidance and professionalism beyond the call of duty. Don't hesitate to call them. HIghly recommended.

Owner of Rave, Alex Tan 

Karen & Chris, the therapists of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness have been thoroughly professional and knowledgeable in the treatment & rehabilitation of my cat Mochi. From a paraplegic cat with atrophied hind legs, a totally lifeless n immobile tail & zero core strength, Mochi is now thriving with the previous incapacitating issues much improved. After therapy with increased muscle mass, Mochi’s previously atrophied hind legs are now proportionate to his body, he is capable of a full voluntary tail swish & his core is much stabilized. Mochi’s quality of life now is also optimized, as he can move much more efficiently & confidently with ease. The transformation that Mochi has undergone under Karen & Chris is truly remarkable! I highly recommend Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness if you want the assurance of the best & most trusted professional therapists for your beloved pet.

Owner of Mochi, Daisy Wee

Chris and Spice.jfif

Pepper - my 12 year old Schnauzer has been regularly visiting GAIA on a weekly basis for his IVDD & Arthritis. He has made so much obvious improvements over the months that his spine is stable most of the time and is very rarely in pain. Karen and Chris helped to relieve his sore back and joints while teaching him how to effectively use his core muscles to walk properly without hurting his spine through the proper exercises and therapies. Can never thank you guys enough! :-)

Owner of Pepper and Spice, Rachael Sim 


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