Ng Han Yi 

Animal Rehabilitation Assistant

(Low-Level Laser Therapy Technician) 

Han Yi joined the team in September 2019 to fulfill her dream of working with animals. In primary school, she read the entire collection of pet care books in the neighbourhood library (it was a small library!) and was always nagging her parents to take her to the zoo, or to Pasir Ris Park to see the horses at the stable. Currently, she is mom (i.e. food provider and poop cleaner) to four guinea pigs: Poofy, Qoka, Jello and Jelly.

Han Yi is intrigued by all aspects of wholistic healthcare, and she finds it fascinating how variations of the environment can influence mental, emotional and physical health. In the same vein, she believes that it is important to address the root cause of health problems for complete healing.  She is driven by her desire for every pet to be free of discomfort and pain, so they can enjoy life to the fullest. Likewise, she strongly considers every owner responsible for ensuring the comfort and happiness of their pets. One of her main interests is massage because of its versatility, and how it helps animals to relax while also relieving soreness and tight muscles. She is also trained in Low-Level Laser Therapy for animals from University of Tennessee. 

Andrew Mark Sobrielo

Animal Rehabilitation Assistant



For Andrew, working with animals has been a life long passion. And when he is not at his day job, or busy with his four rescues, Bailey, Coco, Angus and Cookie (all Singapore Specials) he spends his weekends here at Gaia as one of our Animal Therapist Assistants.


Andrew has a strong interest in animal care and is perpetually ready to acquire new knowledge to better enhance his skills. He had volunteered both in Singapore Zoo and Acres in the past and has experience in handling our wildlife as well. Always calm and collected, he often has little trouble building rapport with animals and is not afraid to help with anything they may need. Though he may be a man of few words, Andrew is always dependable, patient and gentle with any animal in his care, and prioritises the animal’s well-being above all else.


Ezora Wong 

Animal Rehabilitation Assistant



When the dreams of being a Veterinarian were dashed, Ezora went on to pursue a Degree in Physiotherapy with the hopes to impact a person’s life. With such idealistic notions, she has accumulated 8 years of experience in the field. These experience taught her that being diligent and consistent with rehabilitation may lead to positive outcomes in locomotion and performance in sports. Though it is fulfilling to get people back on their feet and excel in their sports, the greatest satisfaction comes when their outlook of life after injury changed because of you, the therapist. Highly tuned to hearing the concerns of her clients, she is able to provide targeted treatment and advice for her patients at various stage of injuries while undergoing rehabilitation with her. Being a source of comfort and confidant for her clients, it elevated her job gratification as well her clients’ satisfaction with her services. Looking at pushing her limits, she decided to use her hands in the animal world. Under the guidance and enlightenment of Karen and Chris, Ezora hopes to gain more insights into rehabilitating animals and bring the furry creatures the good outcomes and comfort at various stages of their life.


Yew Li Peng

Animal Rehabilitation Assistant

(Low-Level Laser Therapy Technician) 

(Low Stress Handling Silver Certification)

Li Peng chanced upon Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness on social media after engaging an Animal Communication session with Angie. it sparked her interest as she has always wanted to work with animals but have never been courageous enough to try something new apart from what she has been doing for past 7 years as a professional chef. She has two bunnies named ZaiZai, a holland lop and Ludan, a netherdrawf. Recently in 2021, she adopted a silver tabby cat named Mame. 

Since she started working here, she has constantly been very diligent to learn rehabilitation skills to help animals gain back the confidence as well as maintaining their physical well being. She strongly believes that rehabilitation not only works physically, it also provides comfort mentally. Seeing the animals being comfortable or in lesser pain makes her truly happy and with that she has no regrets in her career change and of course with the sense of accomplishment. Aging and degeneration in the animals is unpreventable and heartbreaking, but the very least she can do is to help slow down the process as well as provide the needed natural physical healing for them. 


Over at Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness, she gets to teach owners about home massaging as a powerful tool that shows great results if you do it right. She uses her skill of Animal Communication to connect with the animals during the session when she is performing therapies, hence she is able to have a deeper sense and understanding of how the pain and discomfort they are having. She is also able to then build a stronger and deeper connection with them as a friend in their life journey with trust between the animals and her. The smiles and delightfulness on the Owner's faces when they see how much their furbabies has improved especially when they are also involved in the entire healing journey makes it all worthwhile. 

She also has special interest in Rehabilitation for rabbits and definitely with special training skills acquired through Low stress handling techniques. This is extremely important for handling all animals especially rabbits because they are in an unfamiliar environment and might get anxious easily. 

She is also trained in Low-Level Laser Therapy for animals from University of Tennessee.

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Angie Ng.jpeg

Angie Ng Sze Ying 

Senior Animal Rehabilitation Assistant

Veterinary Nurse

(Low-Level Laser Therapy Technician)