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Christopher Weng

Senior Animal Rehab Practitioner
Operation Manager

As a person who studied business and human resource, it was a big shift in the working industry for him. He first ventured into the animal industry by being a purchasing officer for a veterinary clinic almost three years. Wanting to be able to do more for the animals he took up the hydrotherapist course to get himself certified and started to help run the first rehabilitation/physiotherapy in Singapore back in 2016. After working as a Therapist Assistant/Hydrotherapy for 2 years, he went and did the rehab therapist course. As a small animal rehab therapist now he is able to do even more for the animals.


  • Animal Rehabilitation Practitioner (University of Tennessee) of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore

  • OCNLR L3 Certified in Canine Hydrotherapy (Greyfriars Rehab, UK)

  • Animal Communicator (Linking Awareness Journey) 

  • Animal Talk (Basic)

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