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Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Often called ‘cold laser therapy’, LLLT is a non-invasive and safe modality that is increasingly used in animals to promote wound healing, reduce pain and alleviate trigger points in muscles. LLLT has been used by veterinarians worldwide before and after surgical procedures as it helps to accelerate tissue healing. This therapeutic modality has been used for decades on humans before it was tried on animals, and most of our patients enjoy it.

Low-intensity light therapy has photochemical effects which cause a physiological change at the cellular level. This is also known as biostimulation. When laser therapy is applied to an area, the light energy of the photons is absorbed by mitochondria in the body's cells. These mitochondria are 'powerhouses of the cell', generators that provide energy for normal function. In this manner, LLLT upregulates mitochondrial activity, thus enhancing localised healing wherever the laser therapy is applied.


Junior receiving laser therapy on his spine

Benefits of LLLT

Appropriate doses of low-level laser therapy have been shown to enhance the healing of and/or reduce pain from:

  • Chronic otitis externa

  • Gingivitis

  • Fractures

  • Inflammatory process and edema sites

  • Joint injury/trauma e.g. luxating patella

  • Ligament or tendon injuries

  • Muscle strain/sprain

  • Muscle spasms

  • Musculoskeletal diseases e.g. arthritis

  • Nerve pinch

  • Non-healing wounds/pressure sores

  • Skin lesions or abrasions

  • Spinal and nerve injury

  • Surgical wounds

  • Trigger points

  • Periodontal disease

It has been proven an effective method for chronic pain relief, besides alleviating acute injuries with its anti-inflammatory effects for chronic otitis externa, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and non healing wounds. At Gaia, LLLT is applied in conjunction with other therapy modalities depending on your pet's physical condition for a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Lola and Karen.jpg

Laser therapy for Lola to reduce pain from dental problems


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