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Angie Ng

Animal Rehab Practitioner
Veterinary Technician

Being a Certifed Veterinary Nurse since 2015 in Malaysia, since then she has been working both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Angie possess great handling skills of the animals with medical conditions. She is also medically trained to provide first aids to patients in an emergency situation. Angie has assisted surgeries from minor to major, such as soft tissue, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, dentistry etc. Angie strongly believes working with animals require alot more patience and compassion, as they could not tell us whether they are in any pain or very unwell. Her years of medical experience and clinical knowledge has taught her to be more diligent and hence widen her interest to divert to other modalities that can aid the animals in healing as well. Currently she is studying Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner course under University of Tennessee (CCRP) 

Angie began a different in Animal Rehabilitation 3 years ago in SIngapore, working together with Karen and Christopher for a year learning about rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and TCM. But due to personal reasons she has to leave SG and returned home where she continue to work as a Head Veterinary Nurse. 


She had 4 cute schnauzer named Jacky, Nancy, Bear, and Bibi. They leave her in 2019 but forever well loved and remain as her sweetest memories in her heart.

Recently in 2020, she adopted 2 mongrels and 2 cats at her hometown. 

Angie is clear of her mission in life, where she will love to continue healing animals with her magical and quick witted skills in Animals Rehabilitation as a Rehabilitation Practitioner. She is amazed in which hands-on techniques could make such as huge difference and improvements in healthcare to animals with regards to their physical and emotional well being. It is also one of the best and non invasive healing modality that can improve outcomes of either surgical or medical trauma as well as improve quality of their life.

She hopes she is able to provide positive, comfortable and pain-free treatments for the animals and their owners to walk on their journey with Animal Rehabilitation. 

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