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Often called ‘cold laser therapy’, LLLT is a non-invasive and safe modality that is increasingly used in animals to promote wound healing, reduce pain and alleviate trigger points in muscles. LLLT has been used by veterinarians worldwide before and after surgical procedures as it helps to accelerate tissue healing...


Electrotherapy involves the use of surface electrodes to apply an electrical current for the controlled stimulation of neuromuscular tissue. It has been proven effective to improve overall muscle condition, as well as muscle action and performance. This modality has a wide range of functions depending on the type of electrical stimulation used...


Passive range of motion (PROM) exercises are designed to manually simulate the normal motion of each joint movement possible in a joint or limb. This is done by carefully stretching the muscles and tendons, through flexion and extension. Moving a joint helps to nourish the cartilage, maintain function and is critical to the optimal healing of any injury...


Canine hydrotherapy involves the use of a controlled warm-water pool environment to enhance general/pre-operative fitness and post-operative recovery, and for the management of chronic conditions. Hydrotherapy — in conjunction with veterinary treatment — can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing...


Much like in humans, a well-designed therapeutic exercise plan can provide a wide range of benefits for our four-legged companions — even rabbits! It can be used to build strength and endurance while improving proprioception, flexibility and...


Land treadmill therapy works to enhance the usage of the muscles and upregulate brain activity. With various adjustable settings such as speed, inclination, and duration, treadmill work can be tailored to each individual’s condition and physical ability. Appropriate pace and movement can be built up in a safe and controlled manner...


Thermotherapy for animals involves the targeted application of heat to specific regions of the body for therapy. It can be applied through a range of different methods such as infrared, ultrasound, heat packs and moist heat (e.g. warm, damp towels). Following advice from the rehabilitation therapist, this modality...


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