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The full orthopaedic and neurological evaluation will be conducted by one of our trained, experienced rehabilitation practitioners, prior to any forms of therapy being prescribed. This helps us to better understand the physical health condition and ability of your pet. The hour-long full assessment also includes advice on the recommended supplements and home care best suited to your pet's current condition to prevent further injury and reduce inflammation (if any).

How does an orthopaedic and neurological evaluation benefit your pet?

The evaluation is conducted to understand and assess your pet’s stance, gait, strength and range of motion of all joints, in addition to a thorough structural assessment of their biomechanics. This allows us to identify the root cause of discomfort, pain, weakness, reluctance for proper limb usage, or any other dysfunctionality in activities — from daily lifestyle to agility performance. 

What will be done during the evaluation?


We will be conducting checks of the following:

  1. Vitals and physical body condition

  2. Stance Analyzer reading

  3. Muscle condition and strength score

  4. Posture and gait assessment

  5. Range of motion measurements

  6. Muscle reflexes

  7. Cranial nerve examination

  8. Spinal examination

  9. Neurological reflexes

  10. Neurological exercises

  11. Lameness score

  12. Pain score

Taking a Stance Analyzer reading for Junior

What to expect after the evaluation

Our therapist will formulate a customized rehabilitation plan according to your pet’s individual needs to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome with explanation of required modalities and frequencies of the sessions. We will also take into consideration your pet’s existing medical issues if any, as well as phobias/fears or handling preferences. We will be happy to update your preferred veterinarian of their progression periodically. We do not diagnose. 

What happens during the first visit?


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